Term of use

These Terms govern the use of Pleet, everything that has to do with Pleet, as well as everything we produce (from software to services). Unless otherwise indicated, you and us must comply with these conditions in order to access our services and you must accept and adhere to everything that is stipulated below.

Pleet and your data’s

In order to optimize the proper functioning of the application, we take the liberty of collecting certain information that you will find below.

What types of data do we collect?

By joining the Pleet community, you ipso-facto accept that we may have a right to inspect your data (personal and impersonal). This means that when you create an account, all user data entered during registration is saved including the registration date. All information displayed on your profile are saved, in order to provide the best possible intrinsic service to everyone. Pleet also reserves the right to list all user activity the last user login & messages on posts so that we can always provide and serve you content. All conversations are saved in order to schedule their display.

Summary of how profiles work and the visibility of your data:

Regarding your passwords and your messages: in order to guarantee the security of your profiles and your privacy, your passwords and your private messages are encrypted and then stored in the database. We had to be completely transparent with our users about this information.

Policy Of Pleet

In order to ensure a constant and universal well-being reigning on Pleet, there is a set of rules and restrictions that each user must respect at the risk of being permanently banned from our services.

Before even going into the details of the various prohibited activities, it is your responsibility to know that this service is strictly prohibited for children under 14 years old. Indeed, the community can have users of different age groups, it is possible that children find themselves facing inappropriate content that may offend their sensibilities. It is strictly forbidden to harass a user, whatever the nature of the harassment. First, if you are a victim, a "block" feature will allow you to block the author of the facts preventing him from contacting you, from not seeing his messages in posts and vice versa.

A user may also be banned from Pleet if a large number of complaints and reports are sent. He could be banned permanently. This allows us to introduce the next point. It is possible to report a group or a user. Indeed, if you find yourself abused by inappropriate content that you consider undesirable or if you doubt the authenticity of a profile or if a user does not comply with the rules, you can report it by specifying the nature of the report.

Anything that is discriminatory or intended to hurt a user, a community or any human entity is prohibited and reprimanded by an appropriate sanction, Pleet aims to bring users together in joy and good humor without taking any considerations of ethnicity. , origin, religion, place of residence, state of health or age. The fight against identity theft is one of our biggest struggles, so if you find yourself faced with a profile pretending to be you or someone you know with the aim of harming you, damaging your image, your relatives, or other: report it while specifying the reason for the report

Any content intended to harm Pleet, whether by advertising, degradation of our image or others may be deleted and the user banned. Finally, if ever a user is caught trying to exploit a flaw or that a user tries to overload the database through any software or infrastructure allowing him to spam, he will be irreparably banned from Pleet and a lawsuit. legal can be engaged.

To know …

It is not possible to register on Pleet without accepting the terms and conditions previously stipulated.

The information collected and other obligations of this charter may change over time, and, in this case, you will be informed.